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apex for the dba

If you’re a DBA in an APEX shop, it’s your job to manage it. Learn what you need to know to manage APEX correctly in this one-day class that covers not only the administration side of APEX, but also discusses installation options, web server configuration, ORDS, and more. 

There are currently no upcoming sessions scheduled. 

introduction to apex 19.2

This introductory class is aimed at those brand new to APEX. It will walk students through the fundamentals of the tool by building a working project management solution. It will also cover all of the basic components of APEX, giving students a broad overview of APEX’s low-code capabilities. 


Why learn Oracle APEX from someone who has never built a single production application with it? When you take a class from Palladium, you’ll always get an instructor who has years of real-world experience developing and deploying mission critical production applications with Oracle APEX across all verticals. Thus, you’ll learn from one of the best. 


We believe that the best way to learn is by doing. That’s why most of the content in our classes is hands-on. In addition to the slides used for a class, each student will receive a detailed workbook that outlines the class exercises step-by-step. So if you have to step out of the class for a call, or want to retake the class on your own time, you have all that you’ll need. 


If you have a group of developers that need training, we can come onsite and deliver it there. Or, if you’re a smaller shop or individual, you can enroll in one of our online public classes. In either case, you get the same great content delivered live from our instructors.